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From Microsoft Smack Talk to Pointless Stunts - News Roundup 24th February 2010

Jonathan Lester

MS Director: 'Xbox will Outsell PS3 in 2010'...

From Microsoft Smack Talk to Pointless Stunts - News Roundup 24th February 2010

Microsoft Product Director Aaron Greenberg has thrown down the gauntlet. In an interview with Destructoid during X10, Greenberg stated:

“Hopefully we made it clear, that when we said this was going to be the biggest year in the history of Xbox, we’ve come back a month later and shown you just a glimpse of what we’ve got lined up,”

“We’ve got AAA-exclusive blockbusters month after month this year, we had a great January – we outsold the PS3 by a pretty solid margin – and we believe we will outsell the PS3 for the full year, like we did in 2009."

Whilst it's true that the Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 stateside, our figures suggest that the PS3 was globally more successful in 2009. It remains to be seen whether or not Natal, Alan Wake and Halo Reach will prove a match for the Sony exclusives set for this year. [Destructoid via VG247]

...and they'll be "careful" with Natal Lineup

From Microsoft Smack Talk to Pointless Stunts - News Roundup 24th February 2010

Greenberg also reassured gamers that Microsoft would be very stringent about the quality of the Natal games portfolio. Valve raised some valid concerns about the opportunity for godawful shovelware on the peripheral, and Greenberg was quick to reassure us that Natal will provide a truly excellent game lineup from day one.

“We want the first impression [of Natal] to be a great one, so we are not going to dump products on it just because we can. We are going to be very thoughtful about what we bring to market."

I'm psyched for the new peripheral - but I'll believe it when I see it. In other Natal news, Peter Molyneux has announced that Milo, his BoyToy simulator, will actually be part of a larger game experience.

“I might hint... Milo is a character in a bigger and more dramatic story that we're telling,” [IncGamers]

Thank God for that, because the ability to touch and groom a small virtual child has a very small and worrying target audience!

What are your thoughts on Natal? Let us know in the comments!

New Awesome Just Cause 2 Trailers are Pointless

From Microsoft Smack Talk to Pointless Stunts - News Roundup 24th February 2010

The latest Anatomy of a Stunt trailer has been released for Just Cause 2. You'll witness our swarthy Latin hero play chicken with a bus...and a 747. Seriously, it's a thing of beauty.

Wait a minute, though. Pulling off ridiculous, crazy stunts sounds fun... but we just won't do it. There's no reason to risk life and limb by rigging a ridiculously convoluted set piece when you could just shoot your enemy with the gun that you have. Don't kid yourself. Just Cause 2 is shaping up nicely, but Avalanche Studios are going to need to seriously lower the effectiveness or the availability of firearms and vehicles in order to make the high-octane tomfoolery worthwhile.

At least there'll probably be an achievement or two for getting some crazy air.

No HD Install for God of War III

From Microsoft Smack Talk to Pointless Stunts - News Roundup 24th February 2010

After God of War III's monstrous 40 Gb size was revealed yesterday, gamers have been going berzerk about the potential for the longest, most tedious HD install ever. However, this won't be the case, as a twitter post from their Technology director confirms that it will stream to the system cache rather than require a hefty install. Relax, guys- you'll be able to play it straight out of the box. [via 1up]

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Gunn  Feb. 24, 2010 at 17:58

Not really a surprising comment from Aaron, what else can he say though. My personal view is the PS3 just edges out the 360 for exclusives, it would have been a clearer choice if FFXIII was exclusive, though from what I've read the PS3 version is the one to get.


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