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Is Microsoft Preparing To Unveil The Next Xbox At E3?

Felix Kemp
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Is Microsoft Preparing To Unveil The Next Xbox At E3?

UPDATE: EA has branded the next Xbox rumours as "total fabrication", refuting claims it's receiving dev kits from Microsoft already as "100% not true". While it doesn't quite put the story to rest, it does seem very likely that we won't be seeing anything on Microsoft's successor to the Xbox 360 any time soon.

Rumours continue to mount of Microsoft's plans to reveal the next Xbox at E3 in June. With Nintendo already announcing plans to unveil the Wii's successor, Project Cafe, at the event, it would be in Microsoft's best interests to at least parry the blow with an announcement of their own. However, according to a source close to Eurogamer, don't believe the hype. Microsoft isn't planning to show off the next Xbox - but they are sending out prototype dev kits to select publishers, including EA.

Develop Online previously ran with the rumour that it was "highly likely" the next Xbox would be shown at E3. EA has apparently received development kits from Microsoft, housed inside a nondescript PC shell. If development on the next wave of Xbox games is already happening, surely it would only make sense to steal a portion of Nintendo's thunder and announce its next-gen rival?

Not so, according to Eurogamer's source. The dev kits rumour is true, but the announcement is a while away yet. It's likely the next Xbox - or whatever it may be called - will release at the tail-end of 2012. What do you say, Dealspwners? Is the Xbox 720 going to be announced at E3? Or is Microsoft going to hold on to the announcement a little while longer? [Eurogamer]

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James  May. 6, 2011 at 22:21

If they have its because Nintendo have just announced theirs and it is a good way of gaining the extra cash.

I am unsure whether they will though..

Gunn  May. 7, 2011 at 20:08

Would be a surprise since every time they've been asked about the next Xbox they said that they were focusing on Kinect to extend the life of the 360 and it certainly sold enough. I'm hoping to see a bunch of new kinect games at e3


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