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Microsoft Reaffirm MS Points System For Xbox LIVE

Matt Gardner
Microsoft, Microsoft Points, Windows 8, Xbox Live

Microsoft Reaffirm MS Points System For Xbox LIVE

With Windows 8 set to use local currency as default, Microsoft have reiterated that they'd like to make life as complicated as possible by sticking with the MS Points system for Xbox LIVE.

Microsoft confirmed that local currency would be the spurchasing standard on Windows 8, speaking to The Verge, but also noting that  "current Xbox Live customers may also make a purchase using points".

"Microsoft Points continue to be the currency for purchasing content for the Xbox 360 console," a spokesperson continued.

What this basically means is that you'll be able to purchase Xbox Video and Xbox Music from both your console and your PC, but with completely different currency.

A little bit like duty free.


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Korma  Oct. 10, 2012 at 12:19

"..for the Xbox 360 console"

I know they're still pretending the new console doesn't exist but they could change it next year when it comes out for that.

Shonk  Oct. 11, 2012 at 03:48

There is nothing complicated with microsoft points
and if you buy them in the right place you get quite a discount

2000 Microsoft points are £17
So £0.85 per 100 Points

I pay no more than £14 per 2100
So £0.66 per 100 Points

I have in the past paid £7 for 2100 (HMV) and got 44000 Points
at £0.33 Per 100 Points

You can save quite a bit being a savvy consumer with points
you wont get that with £

If i wanted to buy "apps" for windows 8
i would pay no more than £6.66 for something you would pay £8.50 for without microsoft points


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