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Microsoft Registers 'Halo Infinity' & 'Spartan Ops' Domains

Jonathan Lester
Halo, Halo 4, Microsoft

Microsoft Registers 'Halo Infinity' & 'Spartan Ops' Domains

As spotted by Fusible, Microsoft has quietly registered domains for HaloInfinity.co.uk, HaloInfinityMultiplayer.co.uk and SpartanOps.org via an internet brand protection outfit (amongst many others). Fans speculate that this could allude to as-yet unannounced Halo 4 multiplayer functionality, especially since 'Infinity' already refers to both a Halo 1 PC-exclusive multiplayer map and/or a starship in the extended mythology. Plus, as far as naming goes, Bungie's Marathon Trilogy ended with Infinity - and was a blueprint for Halo right down to the Mjolnir cyborg protagonist.

Food for thought... but it's also possible that Microsoft are snapping up relevant domains in order to stop more scammers from plying their vile trade.

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