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Microsoft Registers Sony-Related Domains

Jonathan Lester
Domains, Microsoft, Mystery, Sony

Microsoft Registers Sony-Related Domains

Here's a little Friday morning conundrum for you. The eagle-eyed trademark hunters Superannuation have spotted some strange domains registered by Microsoft, including microsoft-sony.com and sony-microsoft.com... leading to all manner of breathless and reckless speculation.

So let's jump on the bandwagon. It's most likely that Microsoft have acquired the domains to deny fraudsters and hoax artists access to them down the line - as we would have probably heard something about, you know, the biggest surprise console partnership of the millennium. However, some pundits are arguing that Microsoft may be readying a new publicity campaign along the lines of the antagonistic Apple vs PC adverts. We'll keep you posted, though frankly, we're not convinced that anything will come of it.

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