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Microsoft To Reveal "Unique" Xbox One Exclusive At Gamescom

Jonathan Lester
Gamescom 2013, Microsoft, Xbox One

Microsoft To Reveal "Unique" Xbox One Exclusive At Gamescom

But Won't Livestream The Presentation

We've been banging on about the importance of Gamescom to the Xbox One's publicity campaign, and Microsoft are set to bring their biggest ever hands-on booth to next week's convention. They'll also be revealing a new exclusive and news about 'Europe's biggest franchise' at a media event, but strangely won't be streaming it live.

"We're going to have a really short stage presentation with some news talking about some unique exclusive coming to [Xbox One]," Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer told Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb in a publicity podcast. The showcase will also contain some news about "Europe's biggest franchise and maybe some interesting things there."

The phrasing is interesting, especially the word "some." With luck, Microsoft will unveil plenty more exclusive titles for their upcoming entertainment system - a Crackdown and Fable sequel have been heavily tipped, though something more "unique" wouldn't go amiss.

As for "Europe's biggest franchise," that has to be FIFA. Expect FIFA news.

Now for the odd bit. Rather than livestreaming their media presentation for all the world to see, they'll instead roll out edited snippets and highlights throughout the day on Xbox Wire. "Most of the time will be spent with the press getting time with the developers and their games," Spencer explained. "You should think about this as a room with a lot of hands-on.”

“The nice thing about the way the showcase is shaping up is people at home will have access to it. Streaming is probably not the way to do it because it will be like watching a party that you’re not at,” he added. “So what we’re going to do is, throughout the day, we’re going to take video snippets from the floor and release them on the Xbox Wire.”

So that's why we haven't received embed code then.

Microsoft's approach will allow Microsoft to control the flow of information out of the expo, and produce it to a mirror-polish, but we're rather surprised (perhaps slightly unpleasantly) by the news. Indeed, we expected Gamescom to play host to a triumphant presentation that goes big on selling the unique Kinect features and exclusives - serving to overwrite the memories of that horrible reveal event and present a united front in the wake of numerous policy reversals. We'll have to find out whether it works - and keep our eyes on Xbox Wire.

Matt and Carl will be hitting Gamescom and getting hands-on with all the sweet new stuff, while I desperately try to wade through the sea of headlines and trailers behind my newsdesk, probably going slightly mad in the process. Stay tuned.

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McGreenwood  Aug. 14, 2013 at 13:26

Seems odd to me... but i guess most people will get live news from tech sites around the web? Still, would love to see a new crackdown and/or Fable, some new IPs and a bit of news on the Halo front wouldn't go amiss either. As for FIFA I'm expecting classic players for FUT like they do in madden.

Late  Aug. 14, 2013 at 15:48

Over the last few months I've gotten a lot more info from their heavily edited and polished video clips than from the streaming of their live events, so this might be a good move.
Very odd behaviour, though, to release info via what amount to adverts rather than presentations.
It's all a bit Nintendo, tbh.
E3 and Gamescom are your two big chances to get people excited about what you're doing, Microsoft. You screwed up the first one - and now you don't want the general public to see the second one? :\

Fingers crossed for Crackdown 3, amongst other titles.
Thoroughly enjoyed the first game (played it through when it was first released, and replayed it all again this month when it was given away for free. Still available for one day, I think, for anyone who has gold and wants to give it a go, btw.). The second was fun but disappointing - mainly because the map had barely changed from the first game.

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