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Microsoft Turned Down Heavy Rain

Jonathan Lester
David Cage, Heavy Rain, Microsoft, Quantic Dream, Sony

Microsoft Turned Down Heavy Rain

"They Were Scared Of The Scandal"

Quantic Dream's frustrated film director auteur-in-residence David Cage has revealed that he pitched Heavy Rain to several publishers before settling on Sony, including Microsoft. However, the Redmond giant were "scared" of potential controversy surrounding the child kidnapping storyline.

"We were pitching Heavy Rain to different publishers, including Sony, and we went to Microsoft," Cage told a BAFTA audience during a lecture last night [attended by Digital Spy]. "We had a very long talk and they loved Fahrenheit, and they really wanted to do something with us.

"They got scared by the fact that Heavy Rain was about kids being kidnapped, and they said, 'This is an issue, we want to change it'. Well, we could have kidnapped cats, it would be a different experience!"

"For me, that was a very interesting signal," he continued. "It was like, you know what, I don't think we can work together, because you don't understand what I'm to achieve here. They were scared of the scandal and scared of what people may write and what people may think. 'Oh, this is a developer and the publisher making games about a child getting kidnapped.'"

Cage eventually decided that Sony understood his vision, and decided to develop Heavy Rain as a PS3 exclusive. "We had this conversation with Sony very honestly saying, 'Okay, there is a reason here.' But I think they understand the upside of what we were doing," Cage concluded. "We could understand each other, and this is how Heavy Rain happened."

Microsoft's reluctance to experiment and take risks has been somewhat galling over the last few years, and this demonstrates yet another clearly missed opportunity. Hopefully the Xbox One A&R team - and Ballmer's successor - will see the wisdom in taking a punt on new and exciting ideas.

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Late  Sep. 4, 2013 at 10:42

Surprising they allow GTA and COD, then, given they're probably the most controversial titles in gaming (in the tabloids)...

stevenjameshyde  Sep. 4, 2013 at 11:27

All about the Benjamins, Late. You can withstand the inevitable CoD/GTA controversy when they're accompanied by millions of guaranteed sales; with a new and potentially difficult to market IP it's much more of a gamble

Plus MS had already had their fingers burned with Mass Effect's notorious Alien Sideboob controversy, you can see why they wouldn't want a repeat of that utterly ridiculous episode

Late  Sep. 4, 2013 at 11:41

Fair play. More filth like that might break them.


DivideByZero  Sep. 4, 2013 at 16:28

If you are turning someone down, you have to give a reason.

I don't think "We don't want your touchy-feely game because it sounds unconventional, dull and quite frankly, we can't see a market for it" would have gone down so well.

(For the record, I own HR and think it's alright)

Harryisme  Sep. 4, 2013 at 19:11

Sad to say, but considering that Microsoft is a US based company the Media over there would have blown the nudity and plot out of proportion.

Sony has a bit more leeway because they are not American, but considering the roasting Microsoft and EA got over the first Mass Effect game and the partial nudity, and possible lesbian kissing, I can't say it's at all surprising they backed out of it.

DivideByZero  Sep. 5, 2013 at 16:34

God bless America... the land where you can release a game where can control a character to murder hookers with a baseball bat... but god forbid you show a bit of nipple.

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