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Microsoft: Xbox One Has Not Been "Rushed" To Release This Year

Jonathan Lester
Microsoft, Xbox One

Microsoft: Xbox One Has Not Been "Rushed" To Release This Year

But Faced Many "Challenges" Since May Reveal

Microsoft's somewhat schizophrenic Xbox One reveal and subsequent U-turns caused many cynical pundits to question whether Microsoft are rushing the Xbox One to meet its Christmas 2013 release window. However, Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb has taken to Reddit to address some of these concerns, though admits that they faced some "challenges" along the way.

"The Xbox One program has been in development for years, so calling it 'Rushed' is incorrect," Hyrb wrote.

"Did we have a few challenges between May and August? Sure. But we are working on our own schedule - not any one else's. At Gamescom, every game in the Xbox booth was running on final Xbox One hardware. Every. Single. One. That would paint a very different take on the being 'rushed.'"

These "challenges" include a fierce public backlash to proposed online daily check-ins, DRM for used games and even the lack of a headset. Microsoft has fallen over themselves to turn the situation around, resulting in some pleasing policy U-turns, but the lack of a release date still suggests that they might be desperately sorting the last-minute details. More coherent communication from a single strong source might not go amiss either.

Hyrb also revealed that the Xbox One won't support external storage devices at launch, though considering the 500GB on-board hard drive, this probably won't be a concern for early adopters.

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