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Microsoft: Xbox One Self-Publishing Will Be "Much Easier And More Streamlined"

Jonathan Lester
Microsoft, Self-publishing, Xbox One

Microsoft: Xbox One Self-Publishing Will Be "Much Easier And More Streamlined"

New Details Emerge In Interview

Microsoft has dropped a few more details about the Xbox One's potential for indie self-publishing, and the fact that retail consoles can be unlocked as dev kits, in a new interview.

Speaking with OXM, Xbox Live’s principal program manager Chad Gibson stated that the Xbox One uses far fewer proprietary tools than the Xbox 360, making it a much more open platform. “Is it easier to use your own services? Absolutely," he stated rhetorically. "We’ve used a lot more common protocols for this Xbox than the previous Xbox. In the previous Xbox, we had things like the proprietary security protocol, we had a much more locked-down way for applications or games to call services provided by the actual game developers, and all that stuff is a lot easier now.

“We have typically had requirements that involve a lot of games applications, evaluating how many times they call service “X” or “Y”, and all that stuff is completely automated in the new Xbox. So we’re on a path, absolutely, to allow a much larger array of developers to write applications and experiences."

Gibson also suggested that the Xbox One acts as an all-in-one development solution when unlocked as a dev kit, allowing developers to access certification and test builds all in a single place. Now the name makes sense. “The other fundamental thing, the step that we took to make it much more open is that on Xbox 360, we have all these different environments," he said. "We ask application developers to go through what we call CertificationNet, PartnerNet where there’s like, I guess, separate walled environments.

“In the new Xbox, it’s all production. So the way a developer uses and uses all the new Xbox’s capabilities is all just in production. We have a bunch of mechanisms to manage, you know, IP protection and things like that.”

"So we're taking a lot of steps to make it so that a wider array of developers can develop things for this Xbox," Gibson concluded, "And to make it so our certification requirements and typical curation procedures are much easier and more streamlined."

There's more details in the OXM interview, which will primarily be of interest if you're a developer or hobbyist.

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