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Microsoft's Costs Too 'Prohibitive', Self-Publishing On XBLA 'Impossible'

Matt Gardner
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Microsoft's Costs Too 'Prohibitive', Self-Publishing On XBLA 'Impossible'

Another week, another few indies slamming Microsoft's support of indie devs. Following Ron Carmel's disparaging comments about XBLA's restrictive content policies earlier this week, Eufloria designer Rudolf Kremers has suggested that PSN was the obvious choice for their game, as self-publishing on XBLA would have been 'impossible'.

Kremers suggested that Sony offered the right balance of support and creative control, whereas Microsoft and Nintendo 'had too many hoops to jump through', with the cumulative cost of following the former's mandatory checklist proving too high a cost.

'[Sony] did actually want [the game], they were making us an offer to publish it for us,' said Kremer, speaking to PSN Stores. 'But it meant that we would have to sell the IP to them in exchange.

'It was tricky, we have bills to pay. When a giant of gaming offers to bring out your game on the biggest console in the world, we had to stand fast. We had to look at other ways, and that turned in to the self publishing route. We made that possible because Sony were happy to include us in the pub fund. One of the qualities of the pub fund is that it’s a viable avenue for micro teams like ourselves, Microsoft don’t have that anymore. They have XBLIG, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish when it comes to revenue.

'All 3 console manufacturers approached us, but Sony had the right balance between us keeping our creative freedom, IP ownership, whilst it still being affordable to bring it out on a console. For multiple reasons, both Microsoft and Nintendo had too many hoops to jump through [...] for Microsoft the cost would be prohibitive, as they had all sorts of mandatory features. Multiplayer and the like. And of course you have to use their QA… The cost picture would be so prohibitive that self publishing would be impossible. And these days self publishing is impossible!'

Thanks, GI.biz.

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