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From Midway's Final Fatality to Naughty Dog's KZ3 Assistance - News Roundup 23rd May 2010

Jonathan Lester
Games news, Killzone 3, MAG, Midway, Naughty Dog, Uncharted 2
Killzone 3

Judge Deals Final Fatality to Midway

From Midway's Final Fatality to Naughty Dog's KZ3 Assistance - News Roundup 23rd May 2010

Midway used to be a development and publishing powerhouse back in the day, but poor sales and lack of truly impressive new IPs forced the company to sell the majority of its assets to Warner Brothers last year. However, the deal shafted a large number of Midway's creditors, who had sunk 9.2 million dollars into the company only to discover that the money could not be paid back. Not only that, but over 155 million dollars was owed to unsecured noteholders who simply couldn't legally recover the substantial sum.

After a couple of unsuccessful court cases to recover the funds, a Delaware judge has finalised the firms liquidation plans once and for all. The full amount will be paid back to Midway's creditors, but only a paltry $25 million will be paid back to its noteholders. This final liquidation essentially marks the end of Midway as we know it... a hollow, miserable husk of the 52-year-old company that thrilled millions of arcade veterans and home console owners with its classic violent beat-em-ups.

Frankly, we're glad to see that at least some of the lost investment will now return to its rightful owners- and that the sorry story of Midway's decline can be put behind us once and for all. [Kotaku]

Naughty Dog Will Help Out With Killzone 3 Engine...

From Midway's Final Fatality to Naughty Dog's KZ3 Assistance - News Roundup 23rd May 2010

Update: This isn't happening according to the latest Guerrilla Games press release. Shame.

Mouthwatering leaked details and concept art for Killzone 3 hit the interweb yesterday, but continued analysis of the precious data indicates that Guerrilla Games won't be the only dev team involved with its realisation. Apparently, Naughty Dog (the multiple-award winning studio behind the critically-acclaimed Uncharted series) will be lending a hand to make the game engine run as smoothly and impressively as possible.

This can only be a good thing. Killzone 3 promises to take players to "diverse locales" and environments... and when it comes to luscious colourful next-gen level design and texturing, you can count on Naughty Dog to deliver the goods.

In other Naughty Dog-related news, next weekend marks the rollout of "The Lab" multiplayer playlist for Uncharted 2. As well as being a double cash weekend, it'll also be an experimental beta for new game modes with varied modifiers and settings. This experimental testing will offer new modes every week. [CVG]

MAG Patch and DLC Incoming

From Midway's Final Fatality to Naughty Dog's KZ3 Assistance - News Roundup 23rd May 2010

MAG, the self-titled PS3 Massive Action Game that allows for enormous FPS multiplayer battles on an unprecedented scale, will be receiving a major new patch and DLC very soon. Speaking on the official Zipper Interactive forums, community manager Jeremy Dunham has confirmed that the details of the new patch will be going live next week. DLC is also apparently on its way, and Zipper plans to unveil the details at E3.

Frequent patching and content updates should allow MAG to mature into an fully-fledged online community; and we're looking forward to seeing what balance issues and networking glitches. For the record though, MAG fans, please make sure you buy a bluetooth headset. The squads that talk to each other always win. [VG247]

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James  May. 23, 2010 at 17:33

the one thing i hope they do with killzone 3 is change the controler scheme, it was awful to get your hands around on number 2

Gunn  May. 23, 2010 at 21:18

Interesting to see what ND and GG can produce, considering they arguably have made the 2 best looking ps3 games to date.


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