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MIND: Path to Thalamus takes players through the guilty mind of a coma patient

Matt Gardner
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It's hard to fathom that MIND: Path to Thalamus was created by one person, but then again, the singular vision of this magical-realist, first-person puzzle-em-up is such that I'm not sure it could have existed any other way.

"How many times will I kill her?" comes the voice of the narrator before a narrative involving meteorological obsession and accidents involving close family and loved ones, parental errors of judgement, and soul-destroying guilt comes to the fore, played out in the mind of a culpable coma patient.

It's a fascinating little game, one that plays with natural elements (and asks you to play with them too), bends the mind with abstract puzzling and the manipulation of physical forces, and ties it all together with this striking narrative conceit.

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