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Minecraft Adventure Update Trailer Released

Carl Phillips
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Minecraft Adventure Update Trailer Released

Patient block builders the world over have been waiting for the crew over at Mojang to release the next update for their indie hit Minecraft, and thanks to a newly released trailer (and some interesting posts on Reddit) it appears we won’t be waiting for much longer.

The trailer, made by Hat Films (you can check out their ‘Behind the Scenes’ video here) highlights the changes that will be coming with the update, including the new sprint feature, the addition of experience, chargeable bow attacks, ravines, and cosmetic chances such as the new lighting system and vines.  The trailer ended by giving centre stage to the newest monster that will ruin your day; the creepy Endermen. (Skip to the next paragraph if you want to discover its abilities for yourself) This rare mob will pick up blocks as it pleases, and will usually remain peaceful… unless you place your crosshairs on it. At that point it will stare directly at you and charge as soon as you look away. It also has the ability to teleport across long distances, giving you little choice but to fight it.

Spooky stuff indeed.

Ahead of patch 1.8’s release, further information has been found via official channels through Reddit. Developer Jeb has confirmed that NPCs will not be making the cut for 1.8, and will arrive in 1.9. Additionally, the experience points gathered from 1.8 will have no use until the following update. Jeb also admitted via Twitter that the aimed release date of the 8th was now looking unlikely due to further testing, and because Mojang never release content on a Friday we could be waiting a few more days until we get the update.

Elsewhere, Notch wrote on his blog about the addition of snouts for pigs (no more flat faces for them) and how animals will now run away from their attackers (be it a player or a wolf) instead of looking up at them without a care in the world. He also hinted at a secret weekend project, but didn’t go into any detail as to what it could be.

And finally, if you missed it when it was originally posted, be sure to check our Daily Bite from a few weeks ago when one reader of the website paid homage to Dealspwn through the medium of blocks. You can check out the madness here.

Let us know your thoughts on the trailer, and the incoming update, in the comments!

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MrRobin  Sep. 7, 2011 at 12:52

I was really looking to the 1.8 update with all the new features that had been mentioned but am a bit disappointed that some of them will have to wait until 1.9 :(

I might just not play it until the final release in November.

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