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Minecraft: The Noob #1 - A Far Cry From Katniss Everdeen

Matt Gardner
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Minecraft: The Noob #1 - A Far Cry From Katniss Everdeen

Minecraft is a game that passed me by completely. It's a sad reality of life as a games critic -- the minute you're finished with a game for review, you're onto the next one. There's always something new to cover, whether that's a title that's just dropped through the letter box, or an Early Access project that's just started an initial alpha run, or a new demo or browser game or interview to be done.

I don't say this to complain at all, I love what I do. But it illustrates that the current situation I find myself in is very different to that of my formative years when I could wallow in a single game for months upon end. Indeed, such activity was often a requirement because of financial concerns. These days you struggle to make time for simply soaking in a game world.

So Minecraft passed me by, covered in far greater detail by a burgeoning YouTube market, expanded into classrooms and other places of learning. It became the gaming equivalent of dancing or skating competitive reality shows -- adored by the masses, but something I'd failed to get into, only occasionally stopping to watch the odd humorous video on YouTube.

Minecraft: The Noob #1 - A Far Cry From Katniss Everdeen

Until now.

Better late than never, as they say. Every Monday, I'll be teaming up with my Minecraft guru Calvin (formerly of GodisaGeek) to investigate a new corner of the Minecraft experience over on my personal channel, and you can find a new episode here at 5PM at the top of each week.

To kick things off, we check out The Hunger Games, and it quickly becomes readily apparent that neither of us are particularly proficient survivors.

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