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Minecraft v.1.5 & Demo Released

Jonathan Lester
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Just a quick Minecraft PSA for ye hewers of stone and delvers into subterranean horror. Version 1.5 is now live, bringing a host of new weather effects, achievements, statatistics tracking and two new minecart operations to the experience. Apparently Mojang will be rolling out new global achievements over the coming months, but for now, they're only stored locally as proof of concept.

More statistics and achievements will be added over time as we develop the game. They’re only stored locally at the moment, but we’ll slowly be rolling out online storing of achievements over time. - Notch, on his blog

In other news, you can now also download a timed Minecraft demo (courtesy of PC Gamer) to check out Minecraft's expansive, non-linear gameplay for yourself. Check it out here if you're still on the fence.

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MrRobin  Apr. 20, 2011 at 12:43

I played a bit of 1.5 last night and whilst the weather is kinda cool, it's a bit gimmicky and doesn't really do much (OK so rain puts out fires and helps crops grow but so what?)

The stats and acheivements are a reasonable addition, but again it's more style over substance lately with the updates... the community is crying out for more crafting recipes and functionality that will improve the gameplay! There's no shortage of ideas of the forums either.

For now, I'm bored with MC, but I suppose I got pretty good value for money.


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