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Mini DayZ is a thing, and it's free

Matt Gardner
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Mini DayZ is a thing, and it's free

Mini DayZ, an officially-licensed, fan-made tribute to Dean Hall's survival horror masterpiece is out, and it's free, and you can grab it over on the Bohemia Interactive store right now. Playable in browser, Mini DayZ was created by CannedBits, a Russian fan of the game. Imagine if DayZ had been forged in the fires of the great console war between SEGA and Nintendo -- it might have looked a bit like this. Boasting a top-down perspective, chunky retro graphics, and forgoing the multiplayer experience of DayZ for a hardcore, pick-up-and-play survive-em-up, Mini DayZ delivers a vision of Chernarus as you've never seen it before.

Even Rocket Hall himself got a kick out it: "I have to say, I absolutely love Mini DayZ," Hall wrote on Reddit. "I think it's awesome, amazing, addictive, and brings something really new to the experience. I'm so glad you've been able to make it even better! Ignore the haters, the vast majority of people think it's fantastic and I am one of those people."

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