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Half Minute Hero £7.99 @ Gameplay [PSP Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Half Minute Hero £7.99 @ Gameplay [PSP Games]

RPGs and handheld consoles are often a perfect marriage, but the huge time investment required to get into many roleplaying experiences doesn't gel with the modern jet-set lifestyle. Many PSP owners only have a few minutes at a time to throw at a game... and this is where Half Minute Hero steps in. Gameplay has lowered their price to £7.99, which will save you a further £2 on the already-reasonable deal from HMV.

Half Minute Hero delivers four different game experiences that all have a time limit of 30 seconds. A different RPG archetype stands at the helm of each gametype; which include a standard turn-based RPG courtesy of a virtuous knight, a frenetic shooter starring an ultraviolent foulmouthed princess and even an RTS that casts you as an evil overlord. Each campaign pays homage to its 8-bit forbears and feel absolutely spot-on.

The tight time limit can be extended by brokering deals with the Goddess of Time, but the omnipresent clock brings a new element of tactical planning, route retention and good ol' fashioned trial and error to the table. It might seem a little puerile, but Half Minute Hero provides an exciting and genuinely original take on classic genres with an anarchic sense of humour to boot. Why not check out Brendan's full review for the full rundown?

Has your PSP been gathering dust for a while? Got a few minutes on the daily commute? It might be worth holding out for a  Half Minute Hero.

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