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Half Minute Hero £9.99 @ HMV [PSP Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Half Minute Hero £9.99 @ HMV [PSP Games]

Daily life is becoming more hectic and stressful with every day that flies by... and it's becoming harder and harder to find the time required for deep RPGs. Luckily, Half Minute Hero is on the case: providing an epic nu-retro roleplaying experience in 30 second chunks. HMV are currently retailing at £9.99, which will save you £4 compared to Tesco Entertainment (with, as always, their infamous and soon-to-expire FTSL 15-1 voucher code).

You can get the full lowdown on Half Minute Hero from Neil's full review, but here's a little summary to whet your appetite. There are essentially four games on offer here, each of which revolves around a different character and game genre. The Hero storyline resembles a traditional turn-based RPG, requiring quick thinking and some intelligent pathfinding to complete in time. In contrast, the Evil Lord campaign delivers a surprisingly tough little RTS and the Knight story arc provides standard action fare. By far my favourite are the Princess missions, which are an aggressive and hilarious little SHMUP replete with swearing and vulgarity akimbo.

Because 30 seconds isn't really enough to complete most missions, you'll be able to buy or pick up time extensions from the Goddess of Time or fairies in the wood. I'll let Neil explain that one.

Half Minute Hero provides 15 hours (!) of gameplay, funky 8-bit graphics and an anarchic sense of humour. It's can be played for half a minute, half an hour or half a day at a time- and is perfect for train journeys and the daily commute.

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Howard Moon  Jul. 23, 2010 at 13:53

Half minute hero! That's what my girlfriend calls me!

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