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Mirror's Edge £3.48 @ Argos eBay Outlet [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Mirror's Edge £3.48 @ Argos eBay Outlet [Xbox 360 Games]

Ah Mirror's Edge. An exercise in adventurous optimism and nauseating physics, this first-person parkour extravaganza was a brave step for DICE, the company most widely known for their stream of Battlefield games. Mixing up a shiny FPS with lots of fiddly free-running mechanics was always going to be have mixed results, but that doesn't make this a bad game, not really.

If you haven't quite managed to get around to checking it out -and you really have no excuse, it's been available for under a fiver for months now- then head over to the Argos Clearance Outlet on eBay where copies are going for just £2.49, plus 99p delivery. It'll save you £1.51 on GAME's nearest price.

Mirror's Edge is more of a curiosity piece than anything else. It's stuffed with good ideas and some cracking setpieces - DICE are hardly newbies to the scene - but in taking such a risk with an innovative spin on the whole free-running experience there are a few stumbling blocks.

The first is the interface...it's awful and takes a hell of a lot of getting used to. Seamless parkour in the game takes almost as much time to perfect as the real thing. It's not helped either by the first person viewpoint,which is bizarrely restrictive. It's more immersive, sure, but it actually makes things a lot more difficult. And then there's the vomiting.

I personally have never chundered everywhere thanks to this game, but I certainly know people who have. Don't play this game after a Sunday roast.

If you can persevere with the game, sink some time and patience into it then there's a lot of fun to be had, but ultimately this is a game that had a whole bunch of awesome ideas and struggled to pull them all off effectively. It is certainly a game that deserves a few hours of playtime, though; innovation is hardly in huge supply in mainstream big-budget videogaming. Frankly at this price you don't really have anything to lose.

Thanks to charver at HUKD

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