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Mirror's Edge £4.99 @ Gameplay [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Mirror's Edge £4.99 @ Gameplay [Xbox 360 Games]

From Jump London to James Bond, free-running has been welcomed into 21st century culture as something athletic, artistic and definitely cool. Altair busted his ass scaling castle walls and jumping from absurdly high parapets in Assassin's Creed, but it was Mirror's Edge that made the much vaunted leap to an FPS style of parkour with the vertigo-inducing adventures of Faith and co.

You can now live the virtual dream of being the female Sebastien Foucan for under a fiver thanks to the chaps at Gameplay. It'll only save you a quid or so on the nearest competitor (ShopTo - £5.95), but it does break the magical £5 barrier, and equates to roughly a 15% saving, which is pretty sweet.

Mirror's Edge deserves plaudits for even existing to be honest. That EA gave the green light to such an experimental game showed that they might not be the avaricious, soulless leviathan we all assumed they were . . . maybe.

There's a story, but it's a pretty forgettable take on futuristic totalistarianism that rips off everything from 1984 to Dark Angel. You don't really care what's going on, and you shouldn't, because this game is all about what's under the hood.

The free-running is both exhilarating and excruciatingly frustrating. There's a sense of almost-but-not-quite about Mirror's Edge. The controls, mapping left and right limbs to respective bumpers and triggers, takes a bit of getting used to, but the basic are pretty easy to grasp and soon you'll be leaping about to your heart's content. It's only later in the game, when things start getting a bit complex, that the control system reveals itself to be an utter mess and about as easy to assimilate as calculus might be to a roaring drunkard.

Which brings us onto another point that, much like the aforementioned roaring drunkard, this game needs a vomit warning. If you have a hard time with your usual FPS then make sure you have a bucket on standby when playing this.

Dizziness and fiddly controls aside, Mirror's Edge is actually quite enjoyable in spots. I found the game's length to be ok, and there are plenty of time trials to have a go at once your done with the main story with online leaderboards ensuring a certain amount of just-one-more-go addiction. It's certainly enough of a curiosity piece to warrant a fiver.

Thanks to chazz at HotUKDeals

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