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New Mirror's Edge: DICE reveals concept footage

Jonathan Lester
DICE, EA, EA E3 2014 Press Conference, Mirrors Edge

New Mirror's Edge: DICE reveals concept footage

As promised, DICE has opened up on the next Mirror's Edge title, which is clearly far from release. Still in the planning stages by the looks of things, the new project plans to make Faith more fluid and dynamic, yet more fearsome too, capable of barrelling through enemies rather than running away. There will be combat, but hopefully it's engaging parkour-powered physicality as opposed to shootybangbang.

It's a shame that they weren't prepared to show any real gameplay, instead cutting to a crushingly tedious FIFA presentation (even Idris Elba couldn't make it interesting), but I daresay plenty of fans will be champing at the bit. Check out the narrated footage below.

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