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Mirror's Edge Sequel "Not Impossible", According To DICE

Felix Kemp
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Mirror's Edge Sequel "Not Impossible", According To DICE

Inspired Battlefield 3 Animation System

I think it's quite obvious Mirror's Edge 2 is in development. Both DICE and EA obviously have a lot of love for the IP; they're just stuck over how to make back a profit from the millions needed to fund a sequel. The first game was an ambitious gamble, ostensibly a first-person shooter which ultimately eschewed the shooting in favor of rooftop acrobatics. And while DICE currently have their hands full with Battlefield 3, that's not stopped them talking about the future of Mirror's Edge.

"The only thing we can talk about and be open about is that we have not killed the franchise, and you can see that within these walls," DICE producer Patrick Bach told OXM during a Battlefield 3 preview visit. "The only thing that we have decided is that whatever we're doing in this office right now, when it comes to that we're not talking about it. The only thing I can say officially is that we definitely haven't killed the franchise. As you noticed, we still love it - we just need to find out how..."

The first Mirror's Edge, despite a solid critical reception, didn't sell anywhere near as well as EA had hoped. And credit to the publisher who saw promise in the title originally, their only cause for concern appears to be expanding the Mirror's Edge audience beyond a cult-following. All I can say is I sincerely hope EA don't simply shoehorn beefed-up shooting and combat mechanics to satiate the blood-thirsty FPS crowd who rush to every new release with forty pounds in hand. Mirror's Edge had a style all its own that shouldn't be lost.

The Mirror's Edge team has since been absorbed by the demands of BF3 development, although according to Bach, you can see telltale signs of Faith's influence in BF3. "As you've seen, the movement system in the game is clearly inspired a lot by Mirror's Edge, and some of the team who worked on that are now working on Battlefield 3," he revealed, before adding that DICE is "still in love with Faith - I wouldn't dare to say anything about the future, but it's not impossible. Far from it". [OXM]

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