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Miyamoto: 3DS eShop Will Contain "High Value Games"... And Plenty Of Remakes

Jonathan Lester
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Would Like To Remake Zelda: A Link To The Past

Miyamoto: 3DS eShop Will Contain "High Value Games"... And Plenty Of Remakes

Let's face facts: the DSiWare marketplace is full of tat. However, Ninty boss Shigeru Miyamoto believes that the new 3DS eShop (on its way via a future firmware update) will deliver a much more classy, high-value and worthwhile experience - as well as plenty of remakes of classic games with new mechanics and 3D visuals. More than anything, Shigsy would like to remake Zelda: A Link To The Past, which is fine by us. Full story below.

Speaking to EDGE Magazine, Miyamoto

Personally speaking, because [the games are for] 3DS, it'll be 3DS-specific, unique and immediately suitable for 3DS. With downloadable games via eShop we will start to create meaningful and high-value games for 3DS specifically.

When asked whether new iterations in Ninty's big franchises (such as Mario, Metroid etc) might make it to the eShop, Miyamoto didn't rule anything out - but suggested that they'd only do so if the experience was designed to be fun despite the hardware rather than designed to showcase it.

I think if it's meaningful for 3DS. For me it's important that anyone can play, and that it's easy and comfortable for anyone - it's not forcing a game into the hardware itself,

The influential guru continued by stating that we can expect more "remakes of games on 3DS as well" to grace the eShop, and when asked about what title he'd most like to remake, there was only one thought on his mind.offered an insight into the game he'd most like to see remade:

I think [Legend of Zelda] A Link To The Past.

Do you remember Xevious (a 2D NEX shooter shown on 3DS at E3 last year)? It's two-layered and I really wanted to create that at the time. So to see Link To The Past in two layers would be quite attractive for me.

Sounds good to us, Shigsy. The eShop is tentatively slated for late May, and frankly, we could use some more 3DS games already.

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Gunn  Apr. 25, 2011 at 12:34

The announcement of Game Gear games arriving on the shop was of interest to me, I never got to play many GG games at the time.

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