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Miyamoto: Retro Studios-Developed Zelda "Could Be Possible"

Matt Gardner
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Miyamoto: Retro Studios-Developed Zelda "Could Be Possible"

Shigeru Miyamoto has responded to fan suggestions that they'd like to see Retro Studios - the Texan-based developers responsible for the fantastic Metroid Prime - take on another Nintendo franchise: Zelda.

Miyamoto noted that the studio had huge pedigree, saying that the proposal was not "crazy", but he also stated that he felt that Zelda would require large amounts of attention from Nintendo themselves, and that the distance and time differences could make inter-continental liaising tricky.

"The notion that Retro Studios could make a Zelda with a good proposal is not a crazy idea at all and could be entirely possible," he said at a press meet following his reception of the Prince of Asturias Communications and Humanities award in Spain.

"But really, up to this point, Nintendo have created the design and script of Zelda, and that has to continue. Even if Retro Studios were able, in the end Nintendo would have to be very, very in touch with the company that created this Zelda, and outside of Japan, distance and time changes would make communication difficult; furthermore Retro Studios is a company that is more focused on creating developments with less dependence on Nintendo. All things considered, that probably wouldn't be terribly appropriate here."

Miyamoto also reiterated that Retro are working on at least one rather major project for the upcoming Wii U. [GameReactor]

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