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From Miyamoto's Honour to F.3.A.R. First Look - News Roundup 24th March 2010

Jonathan Lester
BioWare, Miyamoto, Natal

Natal's Four Metres were "Misinterpreted"

From Miyamoto's Honour to F.3.A.R. First Look - News Roundup 24th March 2010

As we reported yesterday, a TechFlash report on a Natal Q&A session suggested that the peripheral would require a full four metres of floorspace to function properly. However, Microsoft claims that their comments were misinterpreted. A rep informed Kotaku:

"The comments recently about the play space for 'Project Natal' were misinterpreted. It is true that the 'Project Natal' sensor reads the configuration of your room and adjusts play space, as appropriate. We know that living rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and have conducted numerous play tests to ensure everyone will be able to jump off the couch and into the fun when 'Project Natal' launches globally this holiday."

Fantastic news. Looks like I won't have to knock down my living room wall after all! [Kotaku]

Bioware Counts Down to... Something

From Miyamoto's Honour to F.3.A.R. First Look - News Roundup 24th March 2010

Posting a mysterious countdown on your site is a great way of whipping your fanbase into a frenzy- and now even Bioware can't resist having a go. The Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age web pages are now emblazoned with a ticking timer that, apparently, suggests that something will be happening in 5 days. My personal guess would be a Dragon Age sequel announcement (considering that they've already said that the franchise has infinite sequel potential), but I'm open to suggestions. What do you all think it could be?

In other Bioware news, the Firewalker DLC pack for Mass Effect 2 will be released today on the Cerberus Network. Time to see if the Hammerhead tank is a worthy successor to the much-maligned Mako! [Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age]

F.E.A.R. 3 Details Incoming

From Miyamoto's Honour to F.3.A.R. First Look - News Roundup 24th March 2010

A Spanish magazine purports to have the first details of the latest F.E.A.R. title. Whilst they're just teasing a full report in their next issue, some authentic looking conecpt art seems to back up their claims. Alma? Check. Paxton Fettel sporting a fetching bullet wound? Check. Nuclear bomb and embryo motif? Double Check. Worst name ever? Great big check.

Unfortunately, it appears that Monolith have decided to name it F.3.A.R... which, frankly, I'd be embarrassed to have on my shelf. Like Driv3r, for example.

Still, I'm now looking forward to F.E.4.R. and F.I.V.E.R. when they get round to making them... [NEOGAF]

Miyamoto Nominated for Spanish Honour

From Miyamoto's Honour to F.3.A.R. First Look - News Roundup 24th March 2010

Shigeru Miyamoto is a gaming colossus. Whether you agree with or lament his latest Wii marketing decisions, you can't deny his staggering contribution to video games as we know them. The Spanish government will be honouring his achievements with an international-grade award that'll makes his recent BAFTA pale into insignificance. The Prince of Asturias Awards are premier Spanish honours that are annually presented to individuals and organisations that make huge contributions to sciences, arts, peace and communication. Arguably, Miyamoto's contributed to all four.

Upon being nominated for the award, Miyamoto's accomplishments were duly recognised:

"Thanks to his influence, when you talk about video games today you're talking about global communication, about a powerful and democratic way of expression; there´s no contradiction with the existing ones, which are just absorbed and improved on through the language of interaction."

This is a great honour even for Miyamoto, as past PoA Award winners include Steven Hawking, the World Health Organisation, the International Space Station and Al Gore. To name but a few. The Prince and Queen of Spain will be present at the ceremony later this year. [Gamesindustry.biz]

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