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Modern Warfare 2 £24.98 @ Game [Xbox 360 Game]

Tom Silkstone
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Modern Warfare 2 £24.98 @ Game [Xbox 360 Game]

Modern Warfare 2 takes places five years after the events of the original, allowing gamers to take control of a number of characters, primarily switching between SAS team members and those belonging to the US Rangers, as they fight against an array of enemies. Game are currently selling copies for £24.98, which is exactly £3 cheaper than Gamestation, who are the nearest competitors with a price of £27.98.

Whilst the single player campaign is a little on the short side, it more than makes up for this by placing gamers into an action packed adrenaline fuelled thrill ride of a shooter, backed up by outstanding in-game graphics. There were a number of occasions that I stopped what I was doing to appreciate the little things that make the environment special, like the impressive amount of detail that’s gone into the guns. Having said that it becomes immediately obvious that all this detail has been to out-do the action in the previous game and this has been done with style and finesse, whether you are being saved from sliding to your death on a glacier or dispatching enemies whilst zip lining down a cliff face.

As with the original, Modern Warfare 2’s crowning achievement is the multiplayer, which personally I believe is a vast improvement on the original. In fact, whilst I began logging onto Xbox live purely to play this with a group of friends, I quickly became addicted to the numerous online game types and found myself standing head and shoulder above my friends rankwise. The class customization has been improved with a number of extra options that allow you to have greater control over your character’s abilities.

The special ops mode is essentially a collection of co-op challenges, the essential word there being challenge. Initially, the difficulty of the missions lulls you into a false sense of security about their ease. However, as you progress through them it soon becomes apparent that the enemy AI are formidable opponents, who can’t be defeated by simple point and shoot tactics. This makes communication between you and your partner incredibly important and allows for a much richer co-op experience.

Whilst the single player campaign is a seamless continuation from the original with a nice combination of action and plot twists, the multiplayer is the thing that most gamers will become engrossed by and end up playing for the foreseeable future.

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