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Modern Warfare 3 Cover Art Revealed?

Felix Kemp
Games news, Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 Cover Art Revealed?

When we cover news on Modern Warfare 3, I'm half-amazed even a dozen forumgoers or internet surfers care. Of course it exists, of course it's coming at the end of the year. Of course it involves shooting, multiplayer and explosive theatrics. It's Call of Duty, the most popular game Michael Bay never made. That said, it's interesting to observe the details spilling out, such as this latest leak which - if real - is a bit of a PR nightmare.

Modern Warfare 3's box art, supposedly, featuring the usual spec ops soldier silhouetted overlaid with all manner of stylish filters. It appears pretty authentic, in keeping with the traditional CoD stylistic form, and the MW3 logo is polished enough to dispel any lingering doubt. So, if we are to consider this real, who is the mysterious soldier featured? It doesn't appear to be Ghost, but considering we never saw his face, it might well be. Rumours suggest he'll be MW3's central protagonist, despite being dumped in a pit and set alight in the last game. We'll keep you updated. [Kotaku]

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