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SPOILERS: Modern Warfare 3 Plot Busted Wide Open

Felix Kemp
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SPOILERS: Modern Warfare 3 Plot Busted Wide Open

Fancy ruining Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3's entire campaign? No, of course, you don't. No matter what reservations we have on Infinity Ward's troubled effort, personally I'd like to spare myself all the explosives and po-faced theatrics until the game hits shelves. However, if you're bored on this most mild and banal of Fridays, and fancy checking out Modern Warfare 3's plot, beat for narrative beat, Kotaku has the deets. We can say that it's a collaborative affair, with Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward and Raven all working together like the happiest family ever.

We don't know many people who play Modern Warfare for the storyline, but we've summarised our take on events:

Our Impressions:

There's lots of gunfire, lots of jumping around, plenty of globetrotting, an OTT story involving Terrorists, everything's so serious it's funny and Americans and Russians are at one another's throats again. Some people die.

Needless to say, Kotaku's original account is a bit more detailed, so we've summed it up after the jump. If you want to leave things there and live a happy life until November, don't hit the jump.

Modern Warfare 3 picks up directly where MW2 left off. Russia - under the guidance of the terrorist mastermind, Vladamir Makarov - has launched an unprecedented attack on the United States. Besieged by communist forces, the once great nation is on its proverbial knees. However, the game doesn't open on America; but on Captain John 'Soap' McTavish and cohorts Price and Nikolai, on the run, having been framed by former US general, Shepard, and Makarov.

They've fled to a safe-house in Dharmasala, India; only to be attacked by Makarov's men. In this scene, you're not in control of Soap or even Price. You're Yuri, a loyalist working for Nikolai. The game then cuts back to America, under siege from Russian naval forces docked in the Hudson River. Delta Force, an elite spec ops unit, is dispatched to destroy a Russian submarine orchestrating the attack. Here, you're Frost, a Delta Force member under the control of Sandman. This section ends with you aboard a Blackhawk chopper mowing down Russian forces below.

With New York safe, the game leaps forward six months and puts you in the boots of a Russian agent aboard an airplane, escorting his President to America where he will sign a peace treaty. But before they can reach their destination, the plane is hijacked by Makarov's men who capture the President with the intention of refusing the peace treaty and gaining access to Russia's nuclear warhead launch codes. However, unbeknownst to the hijackers, the President's daughter escapes.

We return to Soap and Price now, scouring the globe for Makarov to enact bloody vengeance. They've tracked him to a South African arms dealer, who informs them Makarov is purchasing a chemical weapons shipment in Sierra Leone. The group head off to intercept Makarov, as the game swings over to an SAS operative who must stop terrorists from delivering Weapons of Mass Destruction to a London dockyard. A thrilling chase sequence is described, set in the London underground, before the terrorists succeed in releasing a chemical agent outside the Houses of Parliament.

The attack on London is but one of many similar attacks spread across the globe, as Makarov's deadly plan begins to come to fruition. With the chemical agent spreading across Europe, Russia is forced to consider bombing affected areas to stop the spread. It's here where we jump back to Soap and Price, who have found Makarov's arms dealer. Under intense interrogation, he reveals Makarov's most trusted lieutenant, Volk, is lying low in Paris.

The narrative then switches over to an American tank gunner in Germany, aiding the local military in pushing back Russian forces in Hamburg. But their efforts go in vain, as Russia's armored divisions cannot be stopped and capture the city. In neighboring France, Frost and Delta Force - in tandem with French special forces - launch an attack on Volk's safe-house via the Parisian sewage system. The action then switches to an AC-130 assisting Frost and his men from the sky.

Volk is captured, and reveals Makarov is due to arrive in Prague for a meeting - pretty casual for an international terrorist - so Yuri and Soap decide to set up an ambush, sneaking into the Russian-controlled city. Makarov, however, doesn't fall for the trap and the pair have to escape the city in suitably dramatic fashion. Yuri decides to lead the team to the Czech mountains where they find Makarov's headquarters, along with the Russian president. They've been interrogating the President, trying to force the access codes for the warheads from him, but he's held firm. But now Makarov has found his daughter, the decisive bargaining chip, in Berlin, so Frost and Delta Force fight through the city to retrieve her; but fail.

Frost travels to the Kremlin, where he and a task force of operatives assault Makarov's base to rescue the hostages. While they succeed, Makarov once again eludes their grasp. Yuri, Price and Sandman travel to Dubai, where a last-ditch attack on a heavily guarded hotel yields Makarov inside. And so ends Modern Warfare 3. Whether this is real or not is up for debate, but it seems pretty authentic to me.

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danny  May. 14, 2011 at 01:17

no ones gonna buy it for the story lol

Goity  May. 14, 2011 at 11:38

Agreed. Isn't this a bit like busting wide open the story for Gears of War 3?

Moe  May. 17, 2011 at 11:40

I can tell that MW's original writers arent around, I can see some spec of genius in the story, but I have to say this is bollocks, or it is clear, IW is much weaker than before. Not only does this seem shorter, but it doesn't seem to have any jaw-dropping moments. I also do not predict any significant changes to the multiplayer either. I have a feeling BF3 is going to take the crown this year if IW, Sledgehammer, and Raven do not really step up their game. I say delay it another year, and really spice it up, not like they will miss the payday, as Black Ops sales are still kicking pretty hard.

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