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Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Unveiled In New Trailer

Felix Kemp
Call of Duty XP Event, Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Unveiled In New Trailer

New Perks, New Guns, New Maps

The first annual Call of Duty XP Event is well underway over in Los Angeles, California, with Activision finally whisking off the covers hiding Modern Warfare 3's much-anticipated online multiplayer arena. And they've spared no expense, with a life-sized recreation of MW3 multiplayer map, Scrapyard, which will be hosting painful rounds of paintball, not to mention numerous tournaments encompassing the past four Call of Duty games. However, if you can't make it - or weren't even that interested - Activision have released a new trailer detailing Modern Warfare 3's exciting new multiplayer mode.

The trailer itself is a general montage of MW3 multiplayer action, cut to a pumping, orchestral soundtrack with plentiful deaths and slow-motion drama abound. It's split into three or so sections showcasing a new player and map, and here's where it gets exciting. With each new player's arrival, a holographic HUD of sorts surrounds them, detailing their arsenal, perks and killstreaks, now dubbed Strike Chains.

Old and new weapons pop up, such as fan-favorite the M4 and ACR, along with the newfangled XM25 air burst grenade launcher, appropriately dubbed the 'Punisher'. The 'Bouncing Betties' from World at War have been re-imagined for contemporary use, now a land-mine who set on the ground which springs into the air and spits out a ring of explosives when an enemy triggers its proximity alert.

But what's completely new is the 'Proficiency' attribute. It's unclear what exactly this is, but with 'Kick', 'Focus' and 'Two Attachments' revealed thus far, it's safe to imagine their a Perk-esque ability. Another interesting point is the new killstreak - or Strike Chain - rewards scheme, which seems to have thrown out a few of the old favorites in favor of some newer toys.

The UAV is still there - thank god - as is the helicopter gunship - although that now requires 9 kills, but does appear to be considerably more pissed off and powerful - but new to the game is the Juggernaut strike, which presumably airdrops the same fearsome bomb-suit the Juggernaut class wears in Spec Ops, impervious to most weaponry except explosives and high-caliber bullets.

Other new Strike Chain rewards glimpsed in the trailer include a Remote Turret, an Airdrop Trap, Ballistic Vests and a Recon Drone - which might just be Black Ops' Blackbird with a fancy new name. Infinity Ward has been very open over their new approach to killstreaks, wanting to distance themselves from the air-support heavy nature of MW2 and return to its predecessor's gun-on-gun approach. The new power-up style killstreaks like Juggernaut and Ballistic Vests demonstrate this.

Another interesting tidbit occurs very early on in the trailer, when our hero downs an adversary and rushes up to his dead body, picking up a glowing red dog-tags icon. This only happens once, and with no context or follow-up it's difficult to tell what exactly this entails, but it might be a meta-challenge where you collect downed enemies' dog-tags, with the obvious challenge being to retrieve said dog-tags even if you've shot your enemy down over a long-distance. Interesting.

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AndyPau1  Sep. 2, 2011 at 20:39

I think the dogtags are to do with the a new game type, look at the first holographic thing "Game type: Kill confirmed". Using my superior brain power I have come to the conclusion in this game mode you have to pick up your enemies dog tag after they die to "confirm the kill". A game mode to prevent camping perhaps..

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