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Modern Warfare 3 Video Details Spec-Ops Survival Mode

Felix Kemp
Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 Video Details Spec-Ops Survival ModeEver since Gears of War 2 launched in 2008, variations on their cracking Horde mode have been popping up in almost every shooter to hit store shelves. Infinity Ward is looking to get in on the act, having laid the groundwork in 2009 with Modern Warfare 2's Spec Ops mode, which has been duly overhauled and upgraded for Modern Warfare 3, due this November. Check out the latest video released by Infinity Ward for a rundown of what you can expect from their new Spec Ops Survival mode.

The trailer begins with a fiery, bullet-ridden montage cut to Modern Warfare's typically jarring, pumping beat. We see rounds exchanged, grenades thrown and airborne helicopters burst into flames. Then, we're greeted to a first-person introduction to the mode, with the simple objective being to survive. Armed only with a pistol, you emerge from a wrecked bunker on to an overrun military site.

First off, in the bottom left corner of the screen is your currency meter. Scoring kills nets you cash, with headshots and killstreaks bagging major moo-lah. Like the multiplayer, a persistent levelling system appears to exist, with ranks unlocked on-screen when you hit a certain number of skills or points.

The next stage shows off the Weapon Armory, wherein you can unlock new weapons and ammunition. It's unclear if you access this when you've hit a certain point in the mode, or simply when you have enough cash. Weapons glimpsed in the ensuing carnage include fan-favorite rifle the ACR, and a number of shotguns.

Next up, the Equipment Armory, which grants you access to frag and flash-bang grenade refills, C4 and Claymores, and even Auto Turrets and Auto Grenade Launchers, which will come in handy when the waves of enemies begin to increase. An Air Support Armory swiftly follows, awarding you with either a Predator Missile or Delta and Riot Shield Squads. The Delta Squads drop a powerful troop of AI soldiers on the map who fight on your side against their virtual brethren. And while it's not revealed on the menu - although several unlocks are classified - at one point the player throws a grenade spewing purple smoke onto the ground, which is duly decimated by an AC-130 lurking in the air.

And you'll need heavy support like this, especially when packs of ravenous attack dogs converge on your position. And they're not your bog-standard slavering mutts; these pooches have explosives strapped to them! Chemical Agents pop up, clad in hazmat suits and spewing a toxic gas into the air, obscuring your vision. The Juggernaut class, seen in MW2's Spec Ops mode, enter the fray, as well, almost impervious to bullets in their bomb-defusing uniforms, requiring serious firepower and tactics to be put down.

It's all very epic stuff, capped off with a brilliant little epilogue where a hapless enemy soldier rounds a corner only to find a proximity mine on the ground, which duly belches an explosive into the air which then explodes. It sort of looks like a bunch of C4 lumped together, and is reminiscent of World at War's Bouncing Betty. [Youtube]

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