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More Modern Warfare 4 Leaks/Rumours Emerge

Jonathan Lester
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More Modern Warfare 4 Leaks/Rumours Emerge

'Soap' MacTavish Flashback On The Cards?

New rumours have erupted surrounding Infinity Ward's next Call Of Duty game, suggesting that voice acting work has already begun for Modern Warfare 4. Apparently the campaign will feature a new main character, but also features a flashback level starring John "Soap" MacTavish.

An anonymous source has reportedly told Siliconera that 'Call of Duty 2013' will continue the Modern Warfare storyline, casting players as "a battle hardened veteran in his mid-thirties with a nihilistic point of view", codenamed 'Ben Burk'. The source was able to provide some lines from the script, which is ostensibly being recorded in LA right now.

"Reminds you of Phuket, doesn't it? Only this time the dust gives you cancer... OK, park yourself and get ready. When this thing kicks off, put a hole in anything that moves."

"This is Sentinel Zero One, successful crypto change on C2 net break, requesting immediate update of blue force picture and status of artillery, over. I have you broken and unreadable, I say again, requesting updates to friendly positions and status of arty support. Do you read, over?"

"We've got KVA on the move! They're going to strongpoint the main gate, ETA two mikes! We're providing support for our heavy rollers! Ready up and let's move!"

"Goliath, this is Sentinel Zero One! We have enemy armor at the gate, hundred meters north of our position! Requesting close-air grid mark three-one-six!"

John 'Soap' MacTavish will apparently make a welcome return in a flashback level set in Somalia.

Siliconera's source is apparently the same shadowy figure who correctly outed Square Enix's acquisition of Sleeping Dogs. That doesn't make this rumour completely believable, but considering that Captain Price voice actor Billy Murray recently suggested that VA recording was about to kick off, the circumstantial evidence is mounting up.

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gmdlogan  Nov. 16, 2012 at 08:00

Errrrrm, after last year's ****? No tar.

Late  Nov. 16, 2012 at 11:20

I'm definitely not getting MW4.

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