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ModNation Racers | £25.85 | SimplyGames | PS3

Brendan Griffiths
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Playstation 3
ModNation Racers | £25.85 | SimplyGames | PS3

Sony’s kart-racer has a good stab at taking on Mario on the track. The drift and weapons based racing can be great fun despite some vicious AI who enjoy nothing more than destroying you on the final corner. A recent patch shaved a third off the loading times (still a bit long) and also introduced a ‘casual’ difficulty that, well, made f**k all difference. The ability to create your own drivers and karts is great fun though as is sharing them online.  The game’s masterstroke is the unrivalled track editor though. It’s so easy to use with simple controls masking the incredible depth. Four player splitscreen is great, but ModNation Racers really thrives with online racing and creation sharing.

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