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ModNation Racers

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ModNation Racers
  • PS3 from £ 9.99
  • PSP from £ 104.94

ModNation Racers (Platinum) | £9.85 | ShopTo & Zavvi | PSP

Tom Silkstone
PSP games, Racing Games, SCE San Diego Studio, Sony Computer Entertainment
ModNation Racers | PSP

This one'll let you design your own characters, cars, and tracks to burn around on, well that's if you can rip yourself away from trying to pull into first place whilst shooting rockets at the other vehicles. Unfortunately the load times can be a little bit too long, but to be honest the creation aspect of the game more than makes up for this. ShopTo and Zavvi are parting with copies of the game for £9.85, which is over £2 cheaper than the next best offer coming in from Gameplay.