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Molyneux: Authors "Have To Stand By Their Decisions And Justify Them"

Matt Gardner
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Molyneux: Authors "Have To Stand By Their Decisions And Justify Them"

22Cans founder and ex-Lionhead creative Peter Molyneux has called for creators in gaming to "take the rough with the smooth" and stand by their own creative decisions, although he did note that the changing nature of the industry means that tinkering with a product is now easier than ever.

Fielding a question focused on the controversial release of the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut earlier this week from GameSpot Australia, Molyneux suggested that the developers should stand by their creation if they believe in it, rather than try to suit all comers.

"BioWare are the authors, they are the creators of this world," he said. "They entertain millions of people and we have to put our trust in them. If they believe in what they did, they should stand by that. There has been many times where I've watched films or read books and felt cheated at an ending. It's just today that you can say that about a computer game and then give feedback and that feedback can create a controversy."

"I think that we as authors of stories and entertainment have to stand by our decisions and justify them and take the rough with the smooth. If people don't like it, you can't just go and change it because if you have any sense of authorship, you're playing through a plan."

That said, Molyneux also noted that development these days is something of an endless process at times, with release dates (particularly on PC where extensive betas, trials, and flexible price points prevail) and the idea of a "finished product" becoming ever more meaningless.

"That being said, nowadays there is no end of development anymore. You used to release a game and that was it, you were done. It was in the box. Now, you release a game, and there is this possibility and technology that allows you to change it."

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