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Molyneux - Next Fable Game "Should Amaze People"

Felix Kemp
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Molyneux - Next Fable Game "Should Amaze People"

Oh, Peter. At it again, are we? I admit, I sort of love Peter Molyneux. For such a pessimistic country, it's amazing we've produced such an enthusiastic, effusive individual. Having recently won a BAFTA, the Creative Director of Microsoft Game Studios has been speaking about what fans can expect from the next edition in the Fable saga. And while he admitted the last iteration wasn't "quite up-to-date", he's promised the next will "amaze people with its quality".

Fable 3 didn't enjoy quite the same critical acclaim as its predecessors. While it was by no means a bad game, it did feel a little halfhearted. Molyneux has shouldered all the blame for this, claiming "I totally blame myself, not anyone upstairs, who all did a wonderful job". He identified Fable 3's problem as a lack of proper planning, admitting "we had to look at the process", and that "it wasn't quite up-to-date with [the best modern games] and that we need to go forward".

It's true, Fable 3 - both aesthetically and feature-wise - wasn't a big enough step forward from its predecessor. But you can't keep Molyneux quiet for long, as he then went on to proclaim "the great thing about Fable is there's nothing quite like it out there". While that's arguable, Fable does have a certain charm and quirk to it like no other.

And Lionhead has "a very clear idea where Fable will go in the future". And in true Peter Molyneux fashion, he had this say; "If we go on, we're not just going to make another Fable, we're going to make something that stands head and shoulders up with anybody else out there - the best of the best - in terms of its technology, its drama and its storytelling". Only time well tell. [CVG]

In related news, Lionhead's lead programmer, Ben Sugden, has uploaded the tech demo he was showing off at GDC. Titled 'Mega Meshes', it appears to be similar to id Software's 'Mega Texture' tech, with a vast and detailed world made up of 100 billion polygons. According to Sugden, Lionhead is developing the engine for use on the Xbox 360. It's possible this could be the "best of the best" technology Molyneux is hinting at.

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Matthew  Mar. 18, 2011 at 17:43

Oh, Peter. You've been saying that since about a month before ADrum shipped. And I think most people stopped believing it just after Theme Hospital was released.

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