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Molyneux: "We Have Been Really Lazy In Our Industry"

Matt Gardner
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Molyneux: "We Have Been Really Lazy In Our Industry"

Peter Molyneux, along with Mediatonic's Dave Bailey, has suggested that the industry leaders are under serious threat from the likes of Apple, and it's mainly down to laziness.

"[Microsoft] have admitted that there's a bigger picture: they are in the battle on mobiles and tablets, they are in the battle for entertainment more broadly than just games," Bailey said at a BAFTA event last night.

"SmartGlass allows them to take part in that bigger opportunity, which we didn't really see from the other folks at E3... If we get to open up, over time, Xbox Live onto other platforms that aren't just Microsoft hardware, that's great news. I welcome it."

Molyneux expanded upon that, noting that a loss of momentum and progression had led to severe gaps in the market now being filled by the likes of Apple.

"It's a recognition by Microsoft that Apple is here, and it is definitely taking gaming seriously," Molyneux said. "If you saw the conference yesterday, you'll see that they really are taking multiplayer, connected gaming super seriously. Because, guess what, we have been really lazy in our industry.

"We made great strides early on, with connecting people together with servers in games like Halo and Call of Duty, and we kinda stopped there. And there's plenty of holes that smart people like Apple will offer to fill more easily, more delightfully, with more accessible games." [via GI.biz]

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