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Molyneux: Microsoft & Sony's E3 Conferences Were "Like Two Frat Houses"

Jonathan Lester
E3 2013, Microsoft, Peter Molyneux, Sony

Molyneux: Microsoft & Sony's E3 Conferences Were "Like Two Frat Houses"

Microsoft's Event Was "Very Unprofessionally Done"

Peter Molyneux has weighed in about Microsoft and Sony's E3 presentations, blasting them as sensationalistic and unhelpful to consumers who just wanted to know about the games.

"This is me, purely as a consumer - it seemed to me like two frat houses," Molyneux told GamesIndustry.biz, describing the 'tit for tat' approach to the PR stunts. "It's like 'oh you've done that, so we'll do this.' They are kind of defining each other's strategy. I think Sony changed its strategy because of what Microsoft did and Microsoft changed its strategy due to what Sony did. Me, as a consumer, I don't give a shit. What I give a shit about really is the games, whether the launch titles are something I'm going to invest 500 bucks in, or 400 bucks for Sony."

Taking aim at Microsoft specifically, Molyneux slammed Phil Spencer for diluting the message and not making 'always-online' benefits clear.

"I just think it was very unprofessionally done. There was one message from one Phil and then another message from another Phil," Molyneux continued, referring to Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison, "and they seemed to be kind of shooting from the hip. Always online is simple for me. As a consumer, just show me why I should be always online and I'll be happy with it. At the moment, it just means game sale authentication. I don't want that. But if there's some way you can give a huge benefit for the consumer, and make the message super clear, [it would be accepted]."

"Right now it's not very clear; it went from once every 24 hours to not at all to all the time, and I got very confused by it. They just need to be very clear, focus on the benefits, and after a while, we'll be in the same place as this," he said, pointing to a smartphone. "This has to be always online and we didn't have to think about it. Things like Clash of Clans is always online, and I don't mind, I don't care, I just enjoy playing Clash of Clans. So I think it's a little hiccup in the industry. I think consumers are being spun up by things like Twitter and Facebook."

"We need, as an industry, to be super clear to our consumers, and when you're at E3 you kind of forget about consumers for a while. It just seems to be all about the show."

Molyneux continued to suggest that next-gen consoles are attempting to just cater to existing consumers rather than pushing exciting new games and concepts.

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RiKx  Jun. 13, 2013 at 15:26

Shhhhh...Peter go back to playing with your 'virtual boy' in the corner. Which by the way was totally money and time well spent. I think these comments can be squarely aimed at M$ which the picked quotes seem to suggest but I don't think Sony can be put into the same stable from what I saw...

I think the later 'trolling' of M$ by them is both 1)entirely justified and 2) capitalising on an opportunity M$ fumbled the ball, Sony picked it up and ran with it after keeping their strategy close to the chest. You could say they were waiting to see what the other would do first but it's still a strategy. If popular opinion was any kind of indication (not saying it necessarily is) it was a winning one.

Commenters  Jun. 13, 2013 at 17:09

And the last time Peter Molyneux was relevant was....?

zf6hellion  Jun. 19, 2013 at 02:37

Y'know that one guy who's known for promising everything and delivering nothing should really just sit down and shut the **** up.


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