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Molyneux's Curiosity Confirmed For November 7th

Jonathan Lester
22Cans, Android, Curiosity, Experimental games, iOS, Peter Molyneux

Molyneux's Curiosity Confirmed For November 7th

What's Inside The Cube?

Curiosity, the cube-excavating game with a mysterious life-changing core, will release on November 7th on iOS and Android after sufficiently impressing Apple. Peter Molyneux expects that the secret held within the cube will make national news, but that getting there will encourage players to create emergent works of art as they dig down through the cube's layers.

"We are delighted, no actually we’re ecstatic and we hope you will be too; Curiosity - what’s inside the cube is READY," reads an enthusiastic update on 22Cans' Facebook page. "It has been approved by Apple, and we have finished and tested the Android version. We have decided to set a Launch date of 00:22am PST (08:22am UCT,GMT) Wednesday 7th November, so from then you will be able to take part in what, for us is a unique global experiment.

"Joining hopefully thousands of people on the journey to the centre of the cube is going to be a fascinating experiment that we will share with the world. Remember you could be the single person to find out what TRULY amazing thing lies in the centre. Thank you for sticking with us, it’s been a couple of very stressful and fascinating weeks but the moment is finally upon us. What device will you be using to explore your curiosity?"

Interestingly, Molyneux recently hinted that players' actions in Curiosity will also affect something else, somewhere else - the mind boggles.

Will you be hacking away at the cube in an effort to secure its contents for yourself? If so, how much will you be willing to play to accelerate your progress through microtransactions?

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Dw3yne  Oct. 31, 2012 at 14:46

Knowing Molyneux's track record, the cube is made of hype, and at the centre is disappointment.

Quietus  Oct. 31, 2012 at 15:11

It'll be a sphere. And inside the sphere will be a pyramid. And so on...

Late  Oct. 31, 2012 at 16:14

Knowing Molyneux's track record, the cube is made of hype, and at the centre is disappointment.


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