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Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine Review | The Heist Fantastic

Matt Gardner
Majesco Entertainment, Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, PC games, PocketWatch Games, Strategy games, Xbox 360 games
Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine | PC | Xbox 360

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine Review | The Heist Fantastic

Platforms: PC (tested) | Xbox 360 (reviewed)

Developers: Pocketwatch Games

Publishers: Pocketwatch Games (PC) | Majesco Entertainment (XBLA)

Monaco looks like a mess of ill-defined, neon-flecked, blocky pixels the first time you fire up the game. A screenshot brings with it instant connotations of muddled confusion, and the sort of head scratching alienation a roguelike newcomer might possess if they've never come across ASCII before (there's a first time for everyone). Alright, it's not quite that bad, but at first glance Monaco might perhaps appear a little intimidating unless you know what's going on.

But don't be fooled. Though it blossoms into a game of devilish complexity, Monaco is, like many absolutely brilliant games, an experience with a simple conceit at its core.

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine Review | The Heist Fantastic

Ostensibly a top-down stealthy puzzler, Monaco plays out in the fashion of a classic crime caper. You choose from a range of operatives, each with a particular skill at their disposal, and infiltrate blueprint maps that have been shaded and coloured in, stuffed with the traps that one would expect to find, and patrolled by marauding guards and their dogs.

You're presented with a simple objective: grab it/hack it/retrieve it and make your escape.

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