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More Money Rolls In As Star Citizen Hits $14 Million

Carl Phillips
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More Money Rolls In As Star Citizen Hits  Million

New Features Added & Economy Detailed For “First-Ever Crowdfunded AAA Game”

Just when you thought the success story that is Star Citizen couldn’t get any better, especially after last week’s news, yesterday the folks at Cloud Imperium announced that they had hit a new milestone of $14 million. The smashing of yet another stretch goal was made possible thanks to the last minute dash for limited edition ships, along with a final opportunity for pledges to gain lifetime hull insurance for any space-faring vessel bought.

In a statement issued on the official website, the Cloud Imperium team thanked the community for their continued support, declaring that thanks to the record-breaking effort it would mean that Star Citizen would be “the first-ever crowdfunded AAA game." With the coffers now brimming at new levels, it now means that hibernation mode will now be included in the game, allowing budding explorers to exit the game whilst their ship continues across the cosmos. The next stretch goal, at $15 million, will see the inclusion of a new ship, the escort carrier, being created for the game, along with a digital handbook that will guide players through the process of overclocking their ships for maximum performance. Should the community continue to push the grand total to even more ridiculous levels and hit $16 million (and considering how well they’ve managed so far, it could almost certainly happen) Star Citizen will include an arena mode for players to test out their ships in a risk-free environment where bets can be placed. In addition to this they will gift every pledger who helped reach that total with a laser pistol to help defend themselves.

Or to shoot first. We won’t judge.

In other news, last week Cloud Imperium posted a blog entry detailing how the economy will work in its online universe. While the post goes into much greater detail than I will be able to provide here, the summary is that players will be able to affect a dynamic economy where prices will fluctuate depending on supply-and-demand levels. Missions will be spawned if a certain planet needs a specific resource, with the AI eventually doing the legwork if players do not respond. Pirates can interrupt trade lanes, which in turn can inflate prices but will also spawn missions for bounty hunters to take out the trouble makers, and with ships being blown up left, right, and centre, it ensure that the economic wheels keep a-turning. The blog post makes for a very interesting read, so if you’re planning on making a virtual fortune in Star Citizen we courage you to check it out here, or you can view the video summary (where head honcho Chris Roberts talks us through the basics for the system) below.

Star Citizen is currently in development and expected to release in November 2014. The first part of the game, the virtual Hanger, is currently scheduled to release next month, with a multiplayer Alpha build for backers set for release in November 2013.

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