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Monkey Island: Special Edition Bundle | £5.24 | Steam | PC

Matt Gardner
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Monkey Island: Special Edition Bundle | £5.24 | Steam | PC

  • What: Monkey Island: Special Edition Bundle
  • Current Price: £5.24
  • Where: Steam
  • Platform: PC

Monkey Island is a series that every gamer worth their salt should have had experience of no matter what age they are. Thanks to the modern day retouching of the classic franchise, there's absolutely no excuse for not getting involved. Whether you're purchasing it for sheer nostalgia value (and yes, there's an option to flick between Classic and Modern), or diving into the madcap mayhem for the first time, this is definitely worth a buy. Full Throttle and GrimFandango next please LucasArts....like that'll ever happen. *sigh*

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Emma Kelly  Sep. 19, 2010 at 12:05

Ordered! Started to play the first episode last night - classic Monkey Island!


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