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Monster Hunter 4 is finally coming West... but will take a year to get here

Jonathan Lester
3DS, 3DS Games, Capcom

Monster Hunter 4 is finally coming West... but will take a year to get here

If you're a 3DS owner with a penchant for compelling ARPGs, we've got a classic 'good news bad news' situation for you today.

The good news being that Capcom have finally confirmed that Monster Hunter 4 is headed to the US and Europe as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate; a brand new edition bursting at the seams with extra content. Considering that series fans have been banging on about it for months now -- having played Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to death -- this is bound to make a few mornings.

The bad news? We'll have to wait until 2015.

Capcom's Ryozo Tsuzjimoto announced the news in a reveal video (watch below), wherein he suggested that the revamped version will contain extra features above and beyond the critically-acclaimed sequel. "While we wanted to maintain the familiar features that fans have come to love," he said, "we really wanted to evolve the series in a new direction, to appeal to existing players and attract new ones as well."

Monster Hunter 4 addresses several gripes we've long held against the otherwise-addictive series, including more fluid movement, more three-dimensional battles and delivering full online multiplayer on 3DS. The game was a massive sales smash in Japan, and we've been lustfully coveting it ever since the 2013 launch. Especially since Nintendo's (idiotic) decision to region-lock their handheld means that we can't just import the Japanese version.

Sadly Capcom will need to finish Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's Japanese release... and then localise it... before we finally get to play it. The game is therefore slated for 2015, so chances are this is the last you'll be hearing about it for a while beyond a few torturous teases.

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