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Moore On Going Digital: "We Are Standing On A Burning Platform"

Matt Gardner
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Moore On Going Digital: "We Are Standing On A Burning Platform"

EA's Peter Moore has once again alluded to the digital transformation he sees our industry undergoing as a sink or swim process, speaking in a new interview about cross-platform play, and the future emphaiss on connected devices.

"We're picking our way through what 'digital transformation' means," he told Gamasutra.

"We recognised that we are standing on a burning platform. It's an oil rig in the middle of the sea, and it's exploding. You can stay or you can hold our noses and jump. At least that way, you have a shot."

Moore outlined vaguely that EA's plans for the future all have one main focus in mind: connected gaming.

"The company has a vision and a mission, which we don't talk a lot about externally, but you find it a lot when you go to the office. In broad terms, we talk about uniting through play, bringing people together through play. The mission is to build the world's best digital playground with fun for everyone, anywhere, anytime," he went on.

"We think that the future of gaming is cross-platform play, always having something with you that's a gaming device, but everything you do connects."

But he also suggested that publishers, developers, and platform holders would need to look beyond traditional console models to deliver gaming experiences across a wide range of everyday devices.

"The complexity is that you have to deliver the games not only on an Xbox 720 or a PS4, but you'd better have a SmartGlass solution, you've got an iPhone and tablet experience and you have to be able to do something on the PC with a special app. And you'd better have something that sits as a community layer like we do with Battlelog in Battlefield or Autolog in Need for Speed, that allows you to interact with fellow players."

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