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Moore: Give Origin '18 Months To Two Years'

Matt Gardner
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Moore: Give Origin '18 Months To Two Years'

EA's Peter Moore has asked that gamers give Origin time in comparing the service to existing digital distribution platforms, drawing parallels between Origin's rather rocky birthing and a similar scenario that befell Valve's Steam when it first released back in 2003.

"It's one of those things where I would ask give us 18 months to two years. And if we sit here two years from now, start looking at it then," he said. "I think the ability to have your own direct platform with the consumer is going to be very important in the digital world going forward."

"If you go back and dust off the transcripts of when Steam first came out, it had the same reaction,"Moore continued. "People didn't like it. You were obligated."

EA are looking to the future and clearly feel that having a direct connection to the consumer is crucial in the age of digital distribution, but more than that, Moore explained that EA saw an opportunity to capitalise on a revitalised PC market.

"We felt the PC business was having a little bit of a renaissance," he said, "and we felt great opportunity with both Star Wars and BattlefieldMass Effect to come. That this was the time to build out a true platform."

But it's an ongoing process, something Moore doesn't shy away from, and noting that there are things still to be done, particularly when it comes to offering the consumers something value rather than a 'mandatory' system.

"We need to continue to add social layers so there is value to the consumer," Moore said, "so it doesn't feel like, in their words, 'something that is mandatory that I don't want.' And it got off to a rocky start for all the wrong reasons which were mostly inaccurate: accusations of spyware. The EULA… We were clearly focused on by some folks who said, 'We don't like this. How can we start picking things apart?'"

Moore and EA are keen to show off Origin as a platform that's open to all and more and more developers and publishers are signing up all the time. Origin's already got over 9.5 million registered users, who have spent over $100 million on in-store transactions.

"There is nothing I would love more than to have Valve's…everybody's games. We're talking to every publisher, as you can imagine. I think it's healthy for the industry to have more opportunities to go, if you will, to shop around, to find different things that you like, different content. [Kotaku]

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DivideByZero  Feb. 16, 2012 at 16:52

I agree... Steam was **** when it first came out, just a heavy handed DRM. But now I love Steam.

In a manly non-gay way.

Mudkip  Feb. 17, 2012 at 08:24

Steam was alright when it first came out, i was using it since beta through to live.

Origin is just a sack of crap though, "lets launch our client in beta with one of our flagship titles". GFWL is better than Origin at the moment and GFWL is dreadful and has been for a long time. If EA think im going to shuffle over to their consumer data harvesting push cart they've got another thing coming. EA are going to be rolling down a very horrible hill going forward, just look at ME3 or should that be Mass DLC 3000, just look at it.

DivideByZero  Feb. 17, 2012 at 08:57

I would have to disagree. I was also using Steam right at the start and would say it was just like origin is now. I have not had ANY issues with Origin and I installed it on day one.

GFWL however, I have had LOADS of issues with. DRM for DLC not working etc. etc. etc.

Tsung  Feb. 17, 2012 at 11:21

I don't want different launch platforms for different games. I'm forced to use origin for Battlefield 3 but do not feel compelled to use it for any other game (or buy any other game on it). It's fighting a losing battle with me, I'm on Steam all my friends are on Steam (friends who I play games with as well as some random strangers).
On Origin, BF3, I have about 10 friends, I know others out there also play BF3 who I'd love to play it with but discovering them is a pita (for both me and them).
I do not want to give origin my Facebook login details so it can help, I just do not trust EA with this information.
Origin needs to drop it's Beta tag and grow up. It's not bad, just it's not good. I wonder how many Origin sales are the sims add on packs?

Mass Effect 3, I wonder how many sales it will lose thro' being on Origin?. I for one was interested but being forced to use that platform has already put me off buying it. Maybe if it appears in a 75% off sale in the future..

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