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The Morning Papers | Legen... wait for it...

Jonathan Lester
The Morning Papers

The Morning Papers | Legen... wait for it...

Good morning!

If you're holding on to a Legendary Engram, go identify them as soon as possible. This week Bungie are guaranteeing Legendary-level loot from purple engrams in Destiny patch 1.02, but existing purples will be dumbed down into blues, so get cracking. Otherwise this is great news, as it's always struck me as an odd system, as if Deckard Cain decided to identify a legendary drop as a cracked voulge just because he felt like trolling your sorry hide.

Ah, "Voulge." One of those wonderful words we'd never know if we weren't gamers, like "pauldron" and "voxel." Anyway, here are your headlines.

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