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Mortal Kombat X is back down to £15.95 on PC (including Goro DLC)

Jonathan Lester
Fighting Games, Mortal Kombat X, PC games

Mortal Kombat X is back down to £15.95 on PC (including Goro DLC)

Missed last week's deal? Never mind, because you've got another chance go get Mortal Kombat X & Goro DLC for just £15.95 on PC.

Make sure to use the Facebook voucher code for the extra 5% discount via the widget at the top of the store page!

Normally I'd make some sort of Mortal Kombat-related reference or pun here, but I'm too busy gawping at one of the most ridiculous pre-order deals I've ever seen. Thanks NeoTrix!

If you're really flash, why not splash out for the Kombat Pack DLC to get access to... The Predator?!

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BuzzDuraband  Mar. 23, 2015 at 14:44

I'm disappointed Jon ;)

Why no urge to tell us Mortal Kombat X is £15.95 with kode? :D

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