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From Mortal Kombat Miniseries To The Hero's Return - News Roundup 16th January 2011

Jonathan Lester
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Mortal Kombat Pitch Trailer To Get Web Miniseries

Remember the epic Mortal Kombat pitch that featured Geri Ryan and Michael Jai White that hit the internet with a resounding OMG last summer? Of course you do. Whilst Warner Bros unfortunately didn't option the idea, director Kevin Tancharoen has confirmed that he'll be filming a 10-part webisode that follows on from the gritty pilot.

You'd better believe that we're excited about this. Jai-White will reprise his role as Jax, but for now, we don't know much beyond the fact that filming will commence next month. Watch this space! [Bloody Disgusting]

Phosphor Games To Develop Canned Midway Hero?

Several videos have resurfaced (from way back in the mists of time) of Hero: Midway's superhero sandbox game. It appears to be a solid yet generic mashup of inFamous and Prototype, featuring third person combat and nifty upgradeable abilities. Unfortunately for Hero, the project was canned when Midway hit the skids last year.

However, there's still hope. Many Midway veterans fled to Phosphor Games Studio, where a new (as-yet-unannounced) "3rd person action-adventure title" is in the works. Concept artwork seems to suggest that the two IPs are one and the same. We've reached out to Phosphor Games for comment. [Phosphor Games Studio]

SOE Details DC Universe Online Updates

From Mortal Kombat Miniseries To The Hero's Return - News Roundup 16th January 2011

DC Universe Online has hit with massive critical acclaim and fan support, requiring SOE needing to bring two more servers online to cope with the massive demand. However, not content to rest on their laurels, Director Chris Cao has promised that monthly updates will continue to bring tweaks and improvements to the experience at no extra cost to players.

The first update will contain new auction houses to facilitate item trading, as well as several improvements to group chat and social interactions in general. Apparently auctions were redacted from the retail release due to problems with the user interface, but these issues have now been addressed. We're looking forward to seeing how the expanding virtual world evolves over the coming months. [Massively]

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ODB  Jan. 17, 2011 at 09:15

cant see DC being too popular in the long run with the sub costs

Jonathan Lester  Jan. 17, 2011 at 16:09

Possibly not, but it's selling like hot cakes at the moment.

While we're quick to rag on subscription fees of any variety (for good reason, we're a deal site after all!), it's worth noting that they provide a barrier to griefers, youngsters and other online malcontents. They're always there to some degree, but subs help to make sure that the majority of the player base are there simply because they want to play the game in the way it was intended. MMO server costs also need to be defrayed somehow, I suppose.

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