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Mortal Kombat Suspends Online Passes On PS3 [UPDATE]

Jonathan Lester
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Silent Hotfix Patch Sorts Out Character Imbalance

Mortal Kombat Suspends Online Passes On PS3 [UPDATE]

The Playstation Network is now up and running - and to entice gamers into their online community, Netherrealm Studios has temporarily suspended their Online Pass system for Mortal Kombat. All players, pre-owned consumers or no, can now play Mortal Kombat online without the code, which has previously proven to be extremely controversial amongst series fans. After all, since the PSN store isn't open, there's no way that pre-owned customers can actually buy a pass even if they wanted to.

You'd better get your skates on though, because once the store reopens, the Online Passes will be reinstated. [Facebook]

UPDATE: Netherrealm have sneakily released a silent hotfix that puts paid to a number of character balance issues. Changelog after the jump.

As spotted on Netherrealm's site by eagle-eyed forum dwellers, Mortal Kombat has undergone has a number of small yet important changes implemented by a "silent" patch that takes effect automatically once you play the game on an internet-enabled account. Here's the changelog, courtesy of Tom Brady at Test Your Might.

  • Reduced some of Kung Lao’s combo and overall damage.
  • Reduced the damage on some special moves.
  • Increased the damage scaling after Kitana’s Enhanced ground fan toss.
  • Adjusted some juggle’s damage scaling.
  • Reduced the damage on some basic combos that were doing too much damage without using any meter.
  • Increased Sheeva’s damage output for several of her moves and attacks.
  • Temporarily Changed around some of Sonya’s fighting style properties to reduce her ability to lock someone down in block stun.
  • Changed Kano’s Towards Front Kick to a low block.
  • Reduced the recovery on Kano’s Upball to be closer to Johnny Cage’s Flip Kick recovery.
  • Increased the damage of some of Baraka’s special moves and attacks.
  • It is easier to juggle combo after hitting someone with Baraka’s chopchop on the ground.
  • Increased the damage scaling on a frozen opponent.
  • Baraka’s Away Front Kick, Front Punch combo is now a true popup.
  • Reduced some of Reptile’s combo damage.
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