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Mount Your Friends for £2.39 on Steam, innuendo intentional

Jonathan Lester
Mount Your Friends, PC games

Mount Your Friends for £2.39 on Steam, innuendo intentional

Looking for a zany competitive multiplayer game with loads of innuendo? Fine, I'll slip you one, cheap and nasty. Mount Your Friends is only £2.39 on Steam.

"Experience the extreme simulated sporting sensation that's sweeping our digital nation! Mount Your Friends is a fiercely competitive sporting event for you to play with your friends in the contextual security of your own home, assuming that your home is not composed of sexual innuendo. If it is, we may suggest buying a new home or at least getting the current one cleaned professionally."

Basically it's a physics-based romp in which you'll attempt climb up each other and reach the highest point possible. It's an absolute blast, 40% off and hilarious to boot.

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