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Ms. Splosion Man Hits XBLA Next Month

Felix Kemp
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Ms. Splosion Man Hits XBLA Next Month

We loved the Xbox Live Arcade cult-classic, 'Splosion Man, so anticipation is high for his spousal follow-up, Ms. Splosion Man. A beta has been running since June 12th, and it appears developers Twisted Pixel Games have amassed enough data and numbers now and are ready to reveal the release date. So, and drum-roll please, Ms. Splosion Man will hit XBLA arcade on...

The 13th of July! That's less than a month away, so I suggest you clear your calendar, find yourself a nice, secluded spot in the house where the wife - or husband - or family can't find you and settle down for some good old fashioned explosive gameplay! Twisted Pixel haven't rested on their laurels, either; true to their name, they're taking the concept of a highly volatile being escaping from a deranged science facility a few steps, leaps and bounds forward.

Ms. Splosion Man features over 50 new single-player levels, an updated online multiplayer component with 50 ranks to climb, new gameplay mechanics and obstacles to encounter; and, of course, the all new heroine herself, Ms. Splosion Man! A little more agile than her husband, she has all his tricks and a few new ones, such as being able to grab rails to avoid perilous dangers.

Twisted Pixel have also included a new mode which I can only describe as a single-player co-op feature. Using each analogue stick, one for 'Splosion Man, one for his wife, you navigate the environment using each bumper to launch yourself in the air and out of harms way. It's called 2 Girls 1 Controller. Very good. [Eurogamer]

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Late  Jun. 23, 2011 at 18:20

Looking forward to this, immensely! Splosion Man is probably my favourite ever download.

"...find yourself a nice, secluded spot in the house where the ... family can’t find you and settle down for some good old fashioned explosive gameplay..."
Pfft, quite the opposite. Get it on the big telly, dig out enough controllers for everyone, and all settle in for some (massively frustrating) fun :D

Jonathan Lester  Jun. 23, 2011 at 18:55

Agreed, the cooperative campaign is the best bit. Though my housemate and I nearly came to blows after failing the same co-op jump sequence a dozen times.

Late  Jul. 12, 2011 at 15:21

Splode again!
Only one day to go... :D


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